If Justin Bieber Was Going To Attend A Miami High School Prom He Probably Isn’t Now

Justin Bieber expected at the Miami high school prom of Yovanna Ventura, the very pretty Miami senior high school student the singer was spotted with recently? We can’t see it ourselves. Imagine, the carnage. But, what if?

According to reports, there’s a slim chance Justin Bieber may crash new gal pal Yovanna Ventura’s prom at her Miami high school in a couple of weeks.

Well, there was. After mocking media coverage and reports of dissent from other students at the Miami Senior High School Ventura attends, that chance now looks positively anorexic.

For those who may not be keeping up with all things Bieber, the singer was recently spotted hanging out with 18-year-old Yovanna in Las Vegas and Venice Beach earlier this month.

Although the pair describe each other as “friends” on recent Instagram postings and Bieber flatly denied she is his girlfriend, there’s video and snaps of them being touchy-feely in the middle of Selena Gomez’s ‘go back to Black’ Instagram purge. And, according to a source cited by E! News recently “their relationship is blossoming.”

The prom takes place on Friday, May 23, and Miami news outlet NBC 6 reported Bieber has been “approved to attend” by school officials.

In a subsequent May 16 report, Miami New Times Blogs said they contacted the school and spoke to Miami Senior High School clerk Ana Jimenez who told them no-one from Bieber’s camp has been in touch with the school.

Jimenez explains: “My principal just told me that we can’t give you an answer if he has been approved or denied because he hasn’t actually confirmed that he wants to go.”

Then added: “Until we get confirmation that he wants to go, we can’t give him an answer or give anyone else an answer… It’s just a rumor going around. It’s all verbal.”

Justin Bieber And Yovanna Ventura Prom Speculation Heats Up

(Photo: Instagram, Bieber and Ventura at Venice Beach.)

So, the rest of this post is even more hypothetical.

As we all know, a prom is the highpoint of any high school kid’s social calendar. It’s the key moment in a million high school movies and a time when students get to dress up and show off their significant others to their peers.

In short, it’s a high pressure, rite-of-passage event that many with bad prom experiences still have nightmares about.

A Terrible Prom Photo

(Photo: via badprom.com)

For her part, Yo hasn’t said a word about the prom at her 274,000 plus Instagram account cum fitness products modelling showreel, and the Bieber – typically – isn’t talking. So it’s all speculation.

But, what wonderful speculation.

Justin Bieber and Yovanna Ventura, together, at a prom. One of the world’s most adored, scrutinized, pilloried, police-investigated superstars twirling his posterior-obsessed, booty call around an assembly hall just like any other normal high school sweethearts.

Yea, we still can’t see it. And lets not even imagine the media/paparazzi presence that will be jostling at the school gates come Friday.

NBC 6 also said many of the students at the Miami High School don’t want Bieber turning up to their throwdown. Judging by less-than-kind feedback from other kids at the school [seen in the comments section at Crushable], that’s an accurate read.

In closing, then, Bieber didn’t get to go to his own prom and next Friday would be Ventura’s big night too. Do you think people should get over it already and let the ambiguous twosome shake their tail-feathers with the rest? Or do you think the Biebs should stay away — if only for his own sake?

According to his Twitter and Instagram, the shirtless one has left NYC.

So, Bieber if you are Miami and Ventura-taking-prom bound, our parting GIF of advice is sent with advance and well meant “Don’t say we didn’t warn you’s.”

Carrie The Movie GIF

(GIF: Carrie, original movie.)