ComEd Loses Power, Chicago Twitter Users Tweet Their Disgust

When more than 600,000 people lost their power today in the sweltering Chicago heat and humidity it didn’t take long for ComEd customers to begin Tweeting their disgust with the company, lighting up the official @ComEd Twitter account and leading the company to take PR into their own digital hands.

Through the power of Twitter ComEd customers were tweeting complaints, pleas, even demands against the company as heat levels reached 80 degrees F with humidity at 72 percent. Most concerns voiced by Twitter users involved the elderly who are more likely to become sick or even die during heat related outages.

ComEd has come under scrutiny recently for various power outages which have left hundreds of thousands without power throughout the area.

The power company has attempted to reach out to their customers via Twitter however all customers are receiving at this time are apologizes with a lack of information.

Customers who are without electricity are being urged by ComEd to call 1800-Edison1 to report the incident.

What do you think about the company’s use of social media to reach out to customers?

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