Mobster Asks Judge For Leniency, Says FBI Treated His Puppy Badly

Even mobsters have a soft spot for puppies or at least they sure know how to use them as collateral. An alleged mobster is asking that a judge give him leniency after FBI officials stormed his home in Staten Island, using concussion bombs which he says traumatized his small Maltese puppy.

According to the mans lawyer the dog “has not been the same since,” while calling the arrest “an operation worthy of an honorable mention next to the recent and well-publicized Navy SEAL commando raid in Pakistan.”

The raid occurred as FBI officials rounded up 100 suspects in crimes that occurred this past January. According to the attorney the raid was excessive since the man was only suspected of buying less than $10,000 in stolen electronics.

According to an FBI spokesman the tactics that were used during the raid were warranted since the alleged mobster has a serious history of criminal activity.

In court documents the lawyer for the defense say he couldn’t fight back since he ruptured two spinal discs in 2008 while “playing a video game.”

Puppy dog defenses and video game based spinal injuries? This surely isn’t the same mobster lifestyle portrayed in Casino, Godfather or Goodfellas.

What do you think of the puppy dog defense?

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