Big Bang Theory Season Finale Preview

big bang theory

The Big Bang Theory will soon air it’s seventh season finale and it’s last show on Thursday nights, at least temporarily. This season on Big Bang Theory was filled with lots of laughs as well as up and down moments for the characters.

Last week on Big Bang Theory, we saw Leonard and Penny propose to each other and both, of course, accepted. Tonight’s show will see a slight continuation down that plot line, however, the evening is going to be all about Sheldon’s transformation. Sheldon, a rock of a person who is used to the status quo, does not like to go outside his comfort zone. Tonight, we will see him start to break from that mold.

After his break through with string theory and losing his inspiration for a life in science, Professor Proton, 2 weeks ago, Sheldon learns that Caltech will not let him switch his field of study which is fuel to the fire when Leonard and Penny discuss in his presence new living arrangements which does not include Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory superstar character has a personal epiphany when he realizes that he cannot do anything to get back to his comfort zone. The show’s Executive Producer Steve Molaro tells TV Guide, “A lot of things in Sheldon’s world aren’t the way they normally are and there’s nothing he can do to make them go back to the way they were. He realizes that and that’s big…. He couldn’t have done that a few years ago. We always say these characters develop at a glacial pace, but when it does happen, I think it’s pretty momentous. We felt like it was the right time to do this.”

Exactly what “this” is, we don’t know yet. Just like everybody else, we need to tune in to find out.

As far as the other characters on the show, we do know that Raj and his relationship with Emily will continue to progress into the finale and set up story lines for the Fall episodes.

Big Bang Theory moves to Monday night as CBS makes room for new shows premiering this Fall and clears time for Thursday Night Football. After the NFL scheduled games on Thursday nights are over, it’s expected that Big Bang Theory is going to move back to its familiar time slot of Thursdays at 8 pm EST.

Tune in to CBS this evening at 8 pm EST to see the Big Bang Theory season finale.