Chief Keef Allegedly Disrespects Chicago With Twitter Post

Chief Keef seriously disrespected his hometown of Chicago when he retweeted a recent post hyping a track by Tyga and Game. This according to Lil Durk, of course.

If you’re not familiar with the musical stylings of Chief Keef, then you’re probably unaware that the rapper recently moved his base of operations to the wilds of Los Angeles. After spending some time in California during some court-ordered rehab, Keef decided he’d just stay there. Naturally, some people aren’t thrilled about the situation.

Things got really ugly when Chief Keef retweeted a post promoting a song by Tyga and Game entitled “ChiRaq to LA.” Apparently this didn’t settle too well with Lil Durk, who feels that Chief has succumbed to the dark side of The Force. Please excuse the bad Star Wars reference.

Check out the offending tweet below.

Here’s the story in a nutshell: According to Gossip on This, Lil Durk said a few nasty things about Tyga on Meek Mills’ track “Chiraq.” Instead of sitting down for a cup of coffee and discussing the situation, Tyga fired back with “Chiraq Remix” which featured fellow rapper Game. Needless to say, Durk wasn’t pleased with the response.

To make matters worse, Chief Keef fired off a post on Twitter that featured the artwork for the aforementioned musical retort. As such, Durk feels that Keef has essentially dissed everyone who lives in Chicago by supporting the West Coast rappers. Confusion is practically guaranteed, so feel free to re-read these paragraphs until it all makes perfect sense.

Here’s what Lil Durk told WGCI about the situation:

“He need help. It’s over that, on to the next one. I’m cool. [Chief Keef?] At first it was just Twitter and then there was just phone calls, everyone trying to get everybody back together. Soon as Tyga and Game’s song dropped, he posted it onto his page. He ain’t disrespect me only, he disrespected the whole Chicago. He ain’t got to deal with me at the end of the day, he got to deal with everybody. It’s over with. He’s with L.A.”

Chief Keef has yet to respond to Lil Durk’s comments just yet. Considering the rapper has a million things going on at any given moment, chances he might let the remark slide. Then again, it could just show up in a song later this year.

[Image via Daniel Shea / The New York Times]

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