Nicki Minaj Hasn’t Split From Fiance Safaree Samuels

Nicki Minaj hasn’t dumped Safaree Samuels despite what you’ve read on Twitter. Tell your friends to stop gossiping about the situation around the office water cooler.

Guys — and some gals — were no doubt brushing up on their best pick-up lines after learning that the “Lookin A**” rapper had bid farewell to her fiancé. Although the couple reportedly engaged in a lover’s spat behind closed doors, apparently everything is fine and dandy for the moment. We apologize profusely if this news shatters your admittedly misguided hopes and dreams or ruins your plans for this weekend.

News of Nicki Minaj’s relationship status started floating around social media after the rapper posted an image on Twitter. Although she intended to show off a new pair of shoes with the post, it seems more people were completely focused on the cryptic caption.

Check out the tweet in question below.

Nicki Minaj’s IG update: “SINGLE N READY TO MINGLE”

— Jupiter Witch (@JupiterWitch) May 13, 2014

TMZ points out that rumors regarding Nicki Minaj’s breakup with her fiance took another interesting turn when folks noticed a post from Samuels on Instagram. When you put the two together, you get celebrity gossip overload.

Fortunately for Minaj and her main man, they were able to work out their differences before the romance ended up on the skids. Naturally, some people were a little heartbroken that Nicki wasn’t available for a trip to the local malt shoppe in the not-too-distant future.

While some folks are completely depressed that Nicki Minaj isn’t on the prowl for a new boyfriend, other folks are anxious awaiting her new single from the upcoming album The Pink Print. The album should arrive shortly, although nobody seems to know when it’s going to happen. Thanks a lot, Beyoncé.

Release the single today Nicki I cannot wait any longer @NICKIMINAJ

— Lil Wayne News (@WeezusMinaj) May 15, 2014

What do you think the rumors that suggested Nicki Minaj was officially back on the market? Are you more interested in the rapper’s music than her love life?

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