Watch This! Man Hypnotized To Believe He Is Giving Birth [Video]

In a video originally posted on Monday by the Australian morning radio show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show, an intern named Pete is hypnotized to believe he is actually giving birth. The hysterical video shows KIIS 106.5’s intern writhing around on the ground, moaning in pain as he apparently believes he is about to give birth to a baby.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show was created and is hosted by Kyle Sandilands and Jackie Henderson and is broadcasted on KIIS 106.5 in Sydney. The show is syndicated to upwards of 78 radio stations across Australia. The radio show is the most successful FM show in its morning time-slot, according to Southern Cross Austero.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show is known for its antics like hypnotizing interns. The hosts found themselves in hot water, according to ABC, in 2009 and were suspended when they aired a segment in which they hooked a lie detector up to a 14-year-old girl and then asked her about her sexual history. Despite that bad idea though, their antics are usually highly popular, and the show has been nominated for many Australian Commercial Radio Awards and won several.

In the video posted Monday, the female radio host tries to comfort the hypnotized male intern. She says, “It’s OK, we’ll call an ambulance. Is that what you want?”

The man moans, “I think so,” before screaming out in pain, “Oh God!”

Not long after he falls to the ground, apparently believing his is close to delivering his baby. Near the end of the segment, the hypnotized man was tricked into believing he had actually delivered a baby boy. At the very end, while the radio hosts giggled, the hypnotized man actually believed he could breastfeed his imaginary baby. Jackie O asks him if it feels weird to breastfeed. Still under hypnosis, the man answers quietly, “I don’t know.”

Finally, the hypnotist speaks to the new, male mother and tells him that when he clicks his fingers, Pete will realize exactly what he was doing. Pete hears the snaps of the hypnotist’s fingers, realizes that he made a complete fool of himself to the entire nation, and calls the radio hosts “a**holes.” At this point, the studio explodes with laughter, though Pete appears humorless and embarrassed.

Viewers found the spectacle hilarious. YouTube user Luna Mistry wrote, “I spent more time laughing at this than I should hv[sic].” While a few online comments call the hypnosis a fake, as Inquisitr reported late last year, researchers at the University of Florida found hypnosis to be effective, and that prior to stunts like this one, the hypnotist screens people to determine who would be especially prone to suggestion. The radio hosts assert the hypnotized man really believed he was giving birth.