Texas Bus Driver Held 12-Year-Old Captive, Made Physical And Verbal Advances

A 12-year-old girl was reportedly held captive by an Alief ISD (Independent School District) bus driver aboard a school bus in Southwest Houston, reports KHOU. According to documents submitted by the police in court, the bus driver, Carlos Guzman also put tape over the lenses of cameras aboard the bus.

The incident happened on May 5, when the girl missed her usual bus stop while on her way back from school. She then decided to get off where here friend lives – but changed her mind at the last minute thinking it would be better if she asked the bus driver to get her back to her normal stop.

However, when she asked him to stop, Carlos Guzman, the bus driver paid no heed to her and continued driving. He told the girl that since he had come the wrong way with her, he “didn’t want to get in trouble.” He then steered the bus to another area and brought it to a stop, after which he began to touch and rub the girl’s leg.

The girl, who had a violin and a backpack with her, tried to stop him with whatever she found handy. According to court documents, the bus driver also reportedly told the girl that he “really liked her” and said, “I know you’re only twelve but we could be together.” He then attempted to kiss the girl on the neck before she pushed him away from her.

The arrest of Carlos Guzman, who is a part time bus driver and usually works as a mechanic for the district, has shocked many of his friends and co-workers who say that he was a respectful guy. Another Alief ISD bus driver, Brittany Jones, said, “He’s a very respectful guy. He’s a friend of mine. He’s real nice,” That don’t sound right. I don’t think he would do something like that.”

According to Guzman’s neighbors, there was no indication that Carlos showed any kind of odd behavior towards children. His family members too are mum on his arrest and have refused to comment following the news of his arrest. “I’ve known him for a long time. I’ve never seen any indication that he had any kind of problems like that,” said neighbor Lonna Holder.

The girl was finally dropped at her original destination by the bus driver after the bus was parked in another place for over 20 minutes. Guzman also told the girl not to tell what had happened inside the bus.

Currently, Carlos Guzman has been arrested by the police and is being held at the Harris County Jail on a felony charge of unlawful restraint. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office says more charges could be coming.

Alief ISD has in the meantime confirmed that Carlos Guzman has been fired from his job as a bus driver. The news about this shocking behavior by a bus driver comes days after The Inquisitr reported on another incident aboard a bus, when a police officer was seen assaulting a sixth grader.

[Image via KHOU11 News]

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