Demi Lovato Joins Forces With Ed Sheeran

Todd Rigney

Demi Lovato is the latest singer to join forces with Ed Sheeran.

It seems people are tripping over themselves to work with the "Lego House" singer these days. Shortly after former Lizzie Maguire star Hilary Duff announced that she's "cutting" a tune penned by the busy songwriter, Sheeran confirmed that he's in talks to team up with Demi Lovato. When the guy finds time to sleep or relax is truly anyone's guess.

Since she's in the process of putting together a follow-up to her album Demi, Lovato turned to Ed for a little assistance. The two originally teased the collaboration in a series of Twitter posts, though Sheeran recently gave everyone an update on the project's status. According to Ed, he and Lovato should hit the studio very soon.

— wendy (@wendy_strong1) May 14, 2014

Sheeran also dropped a few hints about his upcoming album X. He explained, "I've traveled the world a lot more, I've experienced more things, I've grown up, I've listened to more music -- everything changes every single day, I'm just influenced by more things. I've worked with more people on this one. I've given myself enough space to experiment."

While you're waiting for Demi Lovato to release her new album, the folks at Hollywood Records are giving fans a reason to revisit the singer's fourth studio release. Idolator reports that Demi and her label celebrated the one-year anniversary of the album's release by issuing a new version of the tune "Really Don't Care."

— Demi Lovato News (@demetriaaalove) May 10, 2014

Unfortunately for Demi Lovato fanatics who need new music right now, we still haven't stumbled across any information regarding a release date. In fact, it's unclear if the new tunes will arrive before the end of the year. However, at least you know the singer is teaming up with Ed Sheeran to make this project something truly special.

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