Gracie Gold Backs Out Of Prom Promise

US Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold recently agreed to go to prom with an adoring fan from Malibu High School, Dyer Pettijohn, who asked Gracie to go as his date via a YouTube video. An endearing story to start, but there’s some bad news. Gracie Gold is no longer going.

You can see the video of Dyer asking out Gracie below, uploaded this past February in the wake of the 2014 Sochi Olympics. It might be harder to watch this time around knowing how things will end up for him.

The video alone wasn’t what caused Gold to initially agree. She was put on the spot while appearing on Extra, first asked if she’d seen the video, then suddenly introduced to the suitor himself. Dyer came out to meet Gracie with a bouquet of flowers and an awkward proposition. After a quick hug, Gracie agreed to go to prom with him saying, “If it works out, I would love to.”

Gracie has a reasonable excuse for backing out. She will be appearing in Stars on Ice, an American figure skating tour, May 16 through 18. The show will include Olympic gold medalist team Charlie White and Maryl Davis among other favorites like Ashley Wagner and Jason Brown. You can find out more information about the touring show as well as buy tickets at

Despite being let down by Gold, Dyer claims to have no hard feelings. Yahoo! News reported that Pettijohn is keeping his options open. He told Yahoo, “She was incredibly gracious and gave me tickets to see her show last Saturday in Anaheim. I talked to her after, and we’re still trying to meet up once her busy schedule permits.”

According to the newspaper of Pettijohn’s High School, The MHS Current, Gracie is disappointed as well, having told Access Hollywood,“I want to say yes, but logistically it might be no.”

But Pettijohn did not leave this experience empty handed. Simply getting the opportunity to meet and talk with an Olympic star like Gracie Gold is more than most fans can ask for. “It was amazing getting a view of the Olympic lifestyle,” Pettijohn told Yahoo! News. “It’s truly brilliant how they are able to balance their rigor of training with entertaining their fans and family. This experience has been absolutely amazing and hopefully my relationship with Ms. Gold will continue for years to come.”

Gracie Gold is a national silver medalist in figure skating and a 2014 US national champion. She received a bronze medal in the Sochi Olympics team figure skating event and placed fourth in the singles skating competition.

[Image courtesy of The MHS Current]