Las Vegas Offering DJ Calvin Harris $10 Million To Stick Around And Spin

DJ Calvin Harris has been in the news a lot lately. On Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Song list, Calvin Harris’ song “Summer” has reached the #2 spot. On top of that Rita Ora recently admitted that Harris was the inspiration for her hit single, “I Will Never Let You Down.” Now, Calvin’s the subject of a bidding war.

MGM Resorts and Hakkasan nightclub are offering Calvin Harris upwards of $10 million in order to extend his residency. Even though Harris is only 1 year into his 2-year deal, the company is fearful that another venue is going to try to poach him from under their noses.

According to The Las Vegas Sun newspaper, a source said:

“Calvin has been a real hit at Hakkasan. His nights are complete sell-outs and there is so much demand we could book him out twice over and still have a waiting list. We are a year into the deal and we want to make sure that we don’t lose him. He has said he is happy here, so we are keen to get an extension deal done. Other venues have been trying to tap him up to get him on board there, but we are hopeful to secure a deal.”

Tickets for the nights that Calvin Harris spins can go up to and over $100 and there’s a waiting list for tables. Each table could actually run a customer approximately $7,500. According to Forbes Magazine Calvin Harris grossed approximately $46 million from his worldwide appearance last year, and that it made him the highest-paid DJ in the world for 2013. With ticket prices like that, and a bidding war, who would doubt it?

As The Las Vegas Sun’s source said, “it is worth every penny in our eyes.”

If Calvin Harris accepts the offer, he’ll have to be in Las Vegas more often, meaning that he’d see Rita Ora less. According to the Daily Star, Harris said:

“I need to be in LA because I have a gig in Las Vegas every week. Now I have to cope with all this hot weather and sexy people. I’m lucky I can get to do music and do well and still do normal stuff unless I’m out with the missus – then I get a lot of attention. We see each other like four days every two weeks, so it’s like an issue when she’s around. We’d probably get sick of each other if we had a whole month (together).”

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