New York Media Critic Michael Wolff Files For Divorce Without Informing His Wife

Michael Wolff, a leading media critic based in New York, has filed for divorce from his wife without informing her.

Wolff and Alison Anthoine separated in 2009 after his affair with 28-year-old Victoria Floethe was unearthed. The Supreme Court of New York in Manhattan received a docket entry that listed Wolff as the plaintiff in a matrimonial action against Anthoine just last week.

Gawker, who initially reported the story, soon asked Anthoine for a comment, and she revealed that she was completely unaware of Wolff’s actions.

“Well, this is the first time I’ve heard of it,” she told the website. “Neither of us intend to file. Both of us intend to resolve this amicably.”

Anthoine confirmed that, while she’s not in regular contact with Wolff since they separated, “We email, we chat, we are in touch.”

Back in 2009 it emerged that Wolff had separated from Anthoine, who works in Cold Spring as a lawyer, after he had become romantically involved with Floethe, who at the time was 27-years younger than her counterpart.

It’s not known if Floethe and Wolff are still together, however it appears as though they are still close, as last week the Look TV journalist posted an Instagram picture alongside Wolff which proclaimed, “Writer’s brow after a million words… #permanentscowl.”

Meanwhile Edith Anthoine, Alison’s mother — who herself was embroiled in a legal dispute with Wolff, which saw him trying to evict her from his house — commented on the divorce news, stating, “Well, good!”

Back in 2009 Wolff’s affair with Floethe became hot-gossip across New York City, as media circles became intrigued at his philandering ways.

At the time, The New York Post wrote that Wolff and Floethe had been carrying out their “steamy public affair” for everyone to see, and it had lasted for several months. At the time it was believed that Wolff and Anthoine would begin divorce proceedings imminently, something that Wolff even confirmed to the publication. However, these discussions never materialised. A family insider added, during the initial release of the dispute, “Alison is trying very hard to end the marriage amicably.”

Wolff is a famous American author, essayist and journalist, whose in 2008 wrote Rupert Murdoch’s biography, The Man Who Owns the News. Wolff conducted over 50 hours of interviews with the Australian entrepreneur for the piece. He is also a regular columnist for Vanity Fair, and has previously written for the New York Times, while he has also published four other books.

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