Nicole Kidman Divorce: Is Her Plastic Surgery Fueling Marital Problems?

Nicole Kidman is facing divorce rumors as the actress heads to France for the Cannes Film Festival, with reports of growing tension with husband Keith Urban.

The actress has just touched down in France for the premiere of Grace of Monaco, a film that has reportedly caused a lot of problems for Kidman. There were reports that film exec Harvey Weinstein wasn’t happy with the finished product, which was once seen as potential Oscar bait for the actress.

These reports have translated to rumors of trouble between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

“Concerned friends whisper that this stressful period could spell the end of Keith and Nicole’s seven-year marriage,” noted Star magazine.

The Star report, which came out last month, alleged that Nicole Kidman is also upset about Keith extending his tour this summer.

“Nic is fuming, because she thought they were going to spend pretty much the rest of the year together, at their homes in Sydney and Nashville,” a source claimed.

The Nicole Kidman divorce rumors have persisted for several months, and the gossip blog CelebDirtyLaundry now speculates that Kidman’s out-of-control plastic surgery has added to the couple’s woes.

“See, this is what happens when celebrities get insecure, and even A-list Oscar winners are not immune to it,” the report noted. “For the past few years, Nicole’s plastic surgery has slowly been going out of control, and whether it’s because of her career or her failing marriage, we don’t know.”

The couple has faced rumors of marital problems before, including reports that Keith Urban had an affair just before the couple married. Amanda Wyatt, a 23-year-old model, stepped forward to claim that she cheated with Keith Urban all the time he was dating Nicole.

But there is no concrete connection that Nicole Kidman is facing divorce due to her plastic surgery problems, and in fact the couple hasn’t spoken at all about marital woes.

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