Baby Endures 11-Story Fall Off Balcony, Survives Harrowing Ordeal [Video]

A 1-year-old baby endured an 11-story fall from a balcony only to survive the harrowing ordeal. Baby Musa Dayib fell from the balcony on Sunday in Minneapolis. USA Today reports that Dr. Tina Slusher from Hennepin County Medical Center said two things worked in the baby’s favor.

“Little (kids) are more flexible and don’t break as easily as we do and he also fell in a very small patch of mulch,” Slusher said of the fall.

The baby is in critical but stable condition. Surviving an 11-story drop isn’t something kids live through very often, according to Slusher. Serious brain injury or death typically results from hard impact falls. The child suffered broken arms, punctured lungs, and a fractured back. A breathing machine is keeping him alive.

Doctors don’t know if the child will experience complications long-term. The baby is under heavy sedation for the time being. Doctors say the baby also suffered a concussion from the fall. A skull fracture was ruled out Tuesday afternoon.

FOX News reports that Hennepin Medical Center is a pediatric level-one trauma center. This means patients will receive care for “every aspect of injury — from prevention through rehabilitation,” as described by American Trauma Society (ATS).

Parents of Musa Dayib struggle with guilt over the plunge their son took. The baby’s uncle, Abdirahim Ahmed, commented on their state of mind:

“I don’t think my brother and his wife will recover from this. They really torture themselves.”

Community residents of the building are demanding safer standards for doors leading to outdoor balconies since this fall occurred. An extra lock or latch on the doors is one idea in preventing this type of accident again. George Sherman, president of the community’s management company responsible for the building, said requests are pouring in from residents to better safeguard their children on balconies.

George Sherman said:

“Twenty five percent of the units have requested a block to prevent the door from being opened by children. We have had a request for a number in the last couple of days. (We are) looking at more permanent locks that the fire department approves.”

Some residents have cardboard blocks and are available without charge, Sherman added. If he does any further building renovations, he says space between railings would be reduced. Space between rail bars is just over five inches the way they currently are. Tightening the space by over one-inch might help prevent children from slipping through the rails. Small children are flexible and can get through just about anything.

Another Inquisitr article reported on a story much like the baby who survived this 11-story fall. A toddler was saved by a delivery man when she fell from the building’s fifth floor.

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