Cody Simpson Wants Everyone To Put Down The Glow Sticks

Cody Simpson doesn’t have time for folks who don’t appreciate “real music.”

The Australian singer was one of the countless fans who turned up for Ed Sheeran’s set at Wango Tango last weekend. Simpson was so jazzed about the show that he started tweeting about the performance shortly before it began. In other words, Ed definitely has a fan in Cody.

Unfortunately for Simpson — and Sheeran — people started leaving the area once the “A Team” singer hit the stage. According to Just Jared, this prompted Cody to yell at the people who decided to cut out. He also had a few strong words for anyone who’s only into the sort of music pumped out by DJs.

Here’s the singer’s enthusiastic tweet about Ed’s set at Wango Tango:

When Simpson realized that people were starting to leave, apparently things got a little awkward. If you were one of the recipients of Cody’s wrath, then it’s just because he feels you have terrible taste in music. No biggie.

Although one might imagine that Cody Simpson opened the virtual door for all sorts of mean-spirited responses, apparently quite a few people agreed with his 140-character opinions. Some folks didn’t think it was cool to suggest that DJs don’t have talent, but for the most part everyone was in agreement.

A friendly warning to the “Surfboard” singer: Always take great care when criticizing other musicians and their fans. When a person operates within the realm of pop music, sometimes slinging mud can often backfire in a big way. This writer isn’t suggesting that there’s anything wrong with Simpson’s brand of music, but recording artists who slam entire genres frequently find themselves in the line of fire. Proceed down that path with extreme caution.

What do you think about Cody Simpson’s assessment of DJs and their fans?

[Image via Noel Phillips]