Kalyn Thompson: High School English Teacher Accused Of Trading Sex For Grades

Kalyn Thompson is facing prison time after police say the 25-year-old teacher had sex with a student and in exchange gave the boy an A in her class.

The teacher at Kellyville High School in Oklahoma turned herself in to police on Monday on charges of second degree rape. Thompson had already resigned her position at the school last month.

Police claimed that Kalyn Thompson was working at the school for less than a year when she sparked a relationship with a 17-year-old male student. The two exchanged several text messages, which eventually began to take on a sexual nature.

The student told police he had sex with Thompson twice, once at a local lake and another time at a motel in Tulsa. Though the boy is over the legal age of consent in Oklahoma, Thompson has been charged because he has a position of authority over the alleged victim.

Police said the boy also benefitted in the classroom from the affair, and after nearly “flunking out” last semester now had an A average in English.

“It’s sad because they’re vulnerable to it and obviously he’s getting a good grade from it,” said detective Chrissie Underwood, who handled the case.

Eventually the boy’s parents got wind of the affair and told Kalyn Thompson not to contact him again, but the affair continued until other students finally caught on. Two students saw Thompson in the victim’s truck away from school during one of their meetings, and took pictures that were then reported to school officials.

The affair sparked outrage among parents after it was made public.

“You send your kids to a small town school thinking they’re going to get a better education, because it’s more one-on-one. You don’t expect to hear about a teacher messing with their student,” said Michael Sullivan, who has a 14-year-old daughter at the school.

Police have said a second charge is likely coming soon against teacher Kalyn Thompson.

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