Should Kate Middleton Be Wary Of Kate Moss?

When Kate Middleton’s other half, Prince William, met supermodel Kate Moss at a glittering gala dinner held at Windsor Castle, the Queen of the catwalk almost appeared to make a play for Middleton’s man. Should the duchess of Cambridge be concerned?

Kate Middleton may very well be renowned worldwide as a globe-trotting clothes horse who can start a fashion trend at the drop of a hat, but in the upper echelons of the world of high style where people pay a fortune to look terrible, Kate Middleton is still not revered in the same hushed tones as Kate Moss.

Although in terms of decorum and dignity Middleton may just have the upper hand over Moss, whose notorious liaison with celebrity drug fiend Pete Doherty led the girl from Croydon to tap hitherto unknown depths of despair.

Indeed, who can forget the pitiful sight of Kate Moss caught on camera, snorting lines of cocaine in a recording studio like some drug addicted wretch.

For stylists, designers and fans everywhere, Kate’s degradation was simply heartbreaking to watch.

Yet thankfully the model renowned for her hard-living ways has seemingly conquered her addictions and is confident enough to hob nob with other philanthropic celebrities and attend royal gala dinners at Windsor Castle.

In fact, when Kate Moss met Kate Middleton’s husband, the Daily Mail reported that Moss perhaps even flirted with Middleton’s man.

TV cameras captured the meeting between the model and Prince William, and as she came face to face with Middleton’s significant other, the crew overheard Moss, who was at this point grinning like a Cheshire cat, exclaim: “Where’s your wife?”

The heir to the throne then revealed that Kate Middleton was at home with Prince George. Moss then tilts her head to the side suggestively, smiles, and is heard to croon: “Such a shame.”

All in all, it may have been a difficult moment for Kate Middleton. That is if the Duchess of Cambridge was watching the meeting on TV with a chicken dinner in her hand and a frown upon her forehead. Which it has to be said is doubtful.

If Kate Moss was giving Prince William the come-on, he handled the situation with royal aplomb and didn’t appear red-faced, stiff, or awkward in the slightest.

Regardless of the playful flirtation, as a fashion ambassador herself, Kate Middleton would have no doubt given the other style icon with the initials KM, her royal seal of approval in regard to the seductive black gown Moss was sporting. The thigh really was the limit!

And let’s be honest: There’s nothing for Kate Middleton to really be concerned about. Moss is just not Prince William’s type. Prince Harry on the other hand. Well, that’s a different story.