Adam Levine Covers Blake Shelton’s Truck With Manure

Adam Levine got revenge on Blake Shelton in one of the stinkiest ways possible.

The Maroon 5 singer was understandably irritated when the country music star decided to share his personal telephone number with the world during a live episode of The Voice. After several people decided to place calls to Levine, the singer began plotting a way to get back at his fellow mentor.

Hollywood Life reports that Adam Levine began his prank by declaring that he had a special gift for Shelton. After giving the go-ahead via a walkie-talkie, the cameras cut to the country singer’s red pickup truck. The audience and viewers at home watched as a mountain of manure landed all over Blake’s shiny ride.

If you missed Levine’s prank, then this Vine should give you a good idea of what the singer put together for Shelton. A scene from Back to the Future springs to mind.

“That’s manure, that’s cow dung, that’s feces of animals,” Adam remarked. Even the official Twitter account for The Voice had a bit of fun at the country star’s expense.

Although Shelton said he wasn’t too bothered by Adam Levine’s little joke, Usher told the folks at Today that he was probably just trying to keep his cool on TV. Deep down, the guy was a tightly-wound ball of country-fried anger.

Usher explained:

“He probably is p***ed off. He was mad, but, like, ‘OK, I got something for you.’ So of course we’ve got to stay tuned to see how he retaliates. I just don’t want to be in that s***. Leave me out of it. Because if he puts cow dung on my Benz, we’re having problems backstage. For real. My Mercedes Benz will not have urine and cow dung on it. At all. Not happening.”

Adam Levine has recently hit a rough patch with Blake Shelton on The Voice. Not only did the Pizza Hut salesman share the guy’s telephone number with the world, Blake also poked a little fun at Levine’s new blonde hair. In Shelton’s opinion, the singer strongly resembles both Miley Cyrus and Meg Ryan. Ouch.

What do you think about Adam Levine’s recent prank? Did he take things too far?

[Image via NBC Entertainment]