2011 Texas Rangers mid season review

First and foremost, we have to send out our sympathies to the family affected by the tragedy at the Texas Rangers stadium this past week. It was horrible, and that is all I can think of to say. The Rangers have a 51-41 record and find themselves in first place in the American League West. They have done well against the teams in their division comprising a 13-9 record there, but went just 9-9 in interleague play. They have spent 81 days in first place, and their largest lead was a full four games. They are not exactly running away with the division.

The Rangers offense has scored 457 runs on 863 hits. The team batting average is .272 and that is the second highest team BA of the 14 AL clubs. With 112 home runs hit already, they are also second in that category. Rangers hitters have struck out an AL least 529 times and drawn 269 walks. Obviously, offense is not an issue with this team.

The pitching staff has given up 404 runs on 784 hits, and the staff ERA is 3.93. That is the eighth best staff ERA in the junior league. All five of their starting pitchers are approaching double digit wins, but two of them have ERA’s over four. Rangers pitchers have struck out 634 hitters, and issued 281 free passes. Two of their relievers also have ERA’s over four, but they have converted 23 saves.

All in all this looks to be a very good team on paper. Of course, things get a little tougher in the hot Texas sun in late summer, but I fully expect this team to make a strong run at the post season.

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