Reverse Plastic Surgery Reality Game Show Focuses On People Wanting To Be Themselves Again [Video]

Reverse plastic surgery is the name of the game in a new reality TV show called Back To My Face, which shows people with 10 surgeries or more going under the knife once again so they can go back to looking like their old selves.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, reality TV star Josie Cunningham sparked outrage when she demanded that British taxpayers pay for breast implants so she could become a glamour model only to desire a breast reduction less than a year later. To top it all off, Cunningham then sued the NHS for allowing her to get a boob job.

The debut of Back To My Face has so far received good ratings… in South Korea, that is. As Kotaku describes it, the show is part therapy and part reverse plastic surgery:

“The show is branding itself as reality makeover show, concentrating on the therapy aspects. During one counseling session, the participants drew pictures of themselves. In another segment, one participant took to the streets and asked people what they thought of her pre-plastic surgery photo. [T]he guests then decide if they want to have reconstructive surgery to remove implants or other work they’ve had done.”

Now American celebrities seem to have two minds on the subject. For example, Heidi Montag famously had reverse plastic surgery for her breasts because she realized bigger is not always better, saying they “felt like bowling balls on my chest.” But when Kim Novak was criticized for her plastic surgery at the Oscars she responded by calling people like Donald Trump bullies.

But having reverse plastic surgery is not without its risk according to Las Vegas Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint. For example, he says, “patients who want their surgically lifted eyebrows reversed back to its original state may have a problem doing so.” When it comes to lips, if “a more permanent filler was used, it will be very difficult to reverse. The filler will need to be surgically removed which can lead to more complications. Depending on the implant, some can be removed easily while others are extremely difficult to remove.” But the worst of the worst is a nose job:

“Rhinoplasty revision is common. However, reversal to the original position is unlikely from a surgical complication. The nose is a very difficult area to reverse.”

What do you think about this game show focused on reverse plastic surgery?