The Voice Results: Final Three Set After Tuesday’s Double Elimination

The Voice results are in, and after a nail-biter of an elimination the show’s final three is set.

Going into the night, the five remaining singers had returned from hometown visits and given their all in the hope of making the finals. But the road ended for two of them.

[WARNING: Spoilers Ahead]

Host Carson Daly dashed the hopes for Kristen Merlin and Kat Perkins, sending them home just before the finals.

The Voice results mean the final three will stand as Josh Kaufman, Jake Worthington, and Christina Grimmie.

Many had expected Josh and Jake to sail through to the finals, and while Christina was once seen as safe her performances dropped a bit to put her on par with Kat and Kristen.

On Monday, each singer performed a song selected by his or her coach, as well as another dedicated to their hometown.

Kristen Merlin performed the Miranda Lambert song “Gunpowder & Lead,” dedicating it to her supporters in Hanson, Massachusetts. She earned praise from Adam Levine, who said she has grown throughout the performance, while Shakira urged viewers to vote her Kristen because she brought a quality no other singer in the competition had.

John Kaufman sang John Legend’s “All of Me” for his wife and kids, prompting Blake to say that he deserves to walk into the finals.

Kat Perkins performed “Chandelier” by Sia, which she performed on stage surrounded by chandeliers. Her coach, Adam Levine, said the performance was enough to get her into the finals.

Jake Worthington performed the Waylon Jennings song “Good Ol’ Boys” for his Texas hometown, prompting Blake Shelton to say he belongs on country radio.

Christina Grimmie sang “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap, which earned her mixed reviews from Usher and Adam.

Kat had what may have been the crowd favorite of the night, singing “Let It Go” in honor of the kids she watches as a nanny back in Minneapolis. Usher noted that it was a difficult song, but that she nailed it.

With The Voice results and elimination for Tuesday, there is just one week remaining until the finale, which airs May 20 at 8 pm.