Mom Reportedly Killed Her Disabled Daughter And Grilled Her Remains

A South Africa mom is accused of killing her disabled daughter and grilling her remains. Magdalena Nunyango Amunyoko, age 27, was born with a rare disability, which left her bedridden. Authorities said the suspect cared for her daughter for years. However, she recently became convinced that her daughter was possessed.

On Friday evening, the suspect reportedly killed Magdalena and dismembered her body with a machete. She then placed the remains on a barbecue grill, which is in her backyard. Although neighbors witnessed the woman using her grill, they assumed she was burning trash:

“We did not really suspect her of doing something that horrible but then late in the evening we saw her burning things and we still just thought she was cleaning up her yard… That woman has been acting strangely of late… we just thought she was moving out of the house or something and we could not ask her because she had not spoken to us for some months.”

On Saturday, Magdalena’s brother became concerned, as his sister was not in her room. Although he questioned his mother, she denied any knowledge of Magdalena’s whereabouts. While searching the backyard, he a gruesome discovery.

When officials arrived on scene, Magdalena’s charred remains were still on the barbecue grill. As reported by The Namibian, authorities said the suspect also attempted to burn the murder weapon and her daughter’s wheelchair.

During a police interview, the woman reportedly insisted that “there are devils in the house and that she was seeing devils.” Oshana Regional Police Commander Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa confirmed the mother was later arrested for killing her disabled daughter.

Kashihakumwa said he was initially suspicious of the suspect’s involvement with the Foursquare Gospel Church:

“We are suspecting the church to have had a hand in the death based on what the suspect was saying and complaints from other people in the region that some churches contribute to confusing people.”

Huffington Post reports that the church vehemently denies any involvement. Pastor Festus Negumbo said the suspect stopped attending church last year. He further explained that the church does “not teach people about demons and devils.” Negumbo said the suspect never mentioned concerns about “demons in her house.”

The suspect is currently being held in the psychiatric ward at Oshakati Intermediate Hospital. Authorities believe mental illness may have driven the mother to kill her disabled daughter.

[Images via New Era and Namibian]

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