Lil Wayne Is The Mold For Young Rappers, Says Birdman

Lil Wayne is the mold for up-and-coming hip-hop artists, says Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman.

If you’re a talented rapper and you find yourself inking a deal with the record label, then you might want to brush up on Lil Wayne 101. According to Birdman, all the artists he signs will find themselves on the fast track to becoming the next Weezy. Whether they can handle the pressure and rise to the occasion is another question altogether.

The co-founder discussed Lil Wayne and the rappers who look up to him during a recent interview with Complex magazine. Birdman said that Young Thug is definitely one artist that Cash Money enthusiasts should keep an eye on going forward. However, everyone who signs with the label has the potential to become as big as Lil Wayne.

“You know, you got the [Lil Wayne] and the Drakes who really take songs and don’t rap at all. Might sing on a song. Might do just a little rapping. That’s what I see in him. He one of them that can do that. You know, Wayne developed into doing all these different things,” Birdman told the publication.

He continued, “And you got these young artists who really, [Lil Wayne] is the mold for them. They watched Wayne. They studied Wayne. And he coming in the game like that. To me that put him on a higher level. Our plan as YMCMB and Rich Gang is to make him a superstar, a rock star.”

Not only did the folks at Cash Money decide to sign Young Thug, Birdman explained that a lot of people at the label have openly embraced the rapper as a brother. The label’s co-founder said that he wants to provide an environment where up-and-coming artists can rise to the same level as Lil Wayne.

“When I see Thug he come from that same cloth. From these streets. And I see an opportunity to help him change not just his life, his family’s life, his homies’ life. And make a difference in this world. And it’s through music, something that I’m powerful in. And I wouldn’t do nothing but bless him in every way possible. I’mma do everything within my powers to make him as big as he possibly can be and want to be,” Birdman explained.

While everyone waits to see if Young Thug can become the next Lil Wayne, Weezy fans are anxiously awaiting the rapper’s last solo record. Unfortunately, Tha Carter V still doesn’t have a release date as of this writing.

[Image via GQ]