Solange Knowles Deletes Beyonce Pics From Instagram

Yesterday, Solange Knowles became the center of a scandal involving her sister Beyonce and brother-in-law Jay-Z, and now Instagram is the latest vague front upon which the possibly estranged siblings are fighting.

In case you missed it, the slightly less famous Solange Knowles — who is getting more attention than she ever has, right now — emerged in a leaked Met Gala video. The clip, allegedly culled from footage taken in an elevator at New York City’s The Standard Hotel, appeared to show Solange suddenly attacking Jay for unknown reasons inside the elevator.

As The Inquisitr reported yesterday via MediaTakeOut, Solange’s actions were doubly puzzling to the internet gossip machine — in part because sis Bey appeared to be idly observing the fight:

“The report added: “If you look carefully you’ll see that while Solange is ATTACKING Jay Z… Beyonce is NOT PROTECTING HIM AT ALL. She’s not even trying to get in between the two. And after Solo gets MOST OF HER KICKS IN… you see Beyonce look over and SAY SOMETHING TO JAY – almost like she was defending Solange.”

Other accounts were far less dramatic, chalking the family feud down to a poorly placed comment on Hovito’s part — a source gabbed:

“Solange flipped out over something Jay had said, that she took the wrong way… She took it too hard or too far. Not sure what it was, but she greatly overreacted.”

However, if it seemed like Beyonce and sis Solange were team Knowles all the way, the Beygency may not have allowed the sisters to remain on good terms as the scandal progresses.

As of this morning, Solange has erased nearly every trace of Bey-Bey from Instagram, and Jezebel reports:

“In times of darkness and confusion (i.e., the aftermath of the Solange-Jay Z fight), we all must turn to the only source of order in this unruly world of chaos: Celebrity Instagram. Specifically, Solange’s Instagram, where every photo of Beyoncé, save one, has been deleted… Not really sure what happened here — it’s most likely that Solange is pulling a Selena Gomez, subtly deleting Beyoncé FROM HER LIFE because of the fight. Other theories: the Beygency got to them; her phone is haunted.”

Just one image remains of the sisters together on Solange’s instagram account:

In the pic above, posted days after Solange Knowles was filmed allegedly attacking Jay-Z, Beyonce posts a vague prayer to Instagram — but the intent of the image is not known.

[Image: Solange Knowles, Instagram]

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