Casey Kasem Missing: Wife Jean Kasem Reportedly Took Radio Legend Out Of Country

Casey Kasem has gone missing from his home in Los Angeles, and reports indicate that his wife Jean Kasem may have taken the ailing radio legend outside the United States to avoid a judge’s order that she turn over care to Kasem’s daughter.

There has been drama surrounding Kasem’s health for several months, with his three grown children filing for conservatorship last year and claiming that Jean Kasem was failing to properly care for Casey. The children also claimed that Jean was purposely keeping them from their father.

The drama took another twist on Monday, when a judge granted a temporary conservatorship to Kerri Kasem, Casey’s daughter. She had filed a complaint alleging that Jean Kasem is abusing the elderly Casey, and has often moved her father without informing the children.

Craig Marcus, lawyer for Jean Kasem, then told the judge that Casey has been removed from the United States. The judge ordered an investigator to look into Casey’s disappearance.

There are conflicting reports on the wherabouts of Casey Kasem. While Marcus testified that he his not in the United States, other reports say that Jean Casey took Casey to an Indian reservation in Washington State.

Casey Kasem just turned 82 a few weeks ago, and it appears that the longtime radio host and voice actor was nearing his end. Family members have said he is in poor health, suffering from Parkinson’s and dementia. At one point he was even described as being on his death bed.

So far Jean Kasem has not spoken up about the whereabouts of the still missing Casey Kasem.

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