House Explodes On Live Television In Brentwood, New Hampshire

A house in Brentwood, New Hampshire exploded on live television as news anchors on WCVB News in Boston provided commentary on the home, which had been on fire for 15 minutes before exploding. No fire trucks were on the scene when the explosion occurred.

The house had been the scene of an officer involved shooting earlier and WCVB spoke with Ken Christenson of the board of selectmen for the community.

“I have very limited knowledge,” said Christenson. “Something did occur at 4pm. Several departments throughout southern New Hampshire have responded. The house is fully engulfed. It’s a duplex in a over 55 neighborhood. We don’t know, at least I do not know who the officer is that has been injured, but we are standing by for information and we have not had any contact with any officers at this point because of the situation.”

When asked if their community had been contacted about the house exploding and the situation, Christenson had some surprising news. “We haven’t been notified of anything other than that the officer has been removed from the scene with serious injuries. Other than that we do not know anything.”

The neighborhood in which the home is located is relatively new, having been constructed approximately five years ago.

The officer is reportedly in serious condition. The home was set ablaze after the shooting and after exploding, the house continued to burn, spreading through the rest of the home.

News crews were sent further back from the house for their own safety, according to WCVB‘s Liam Martin, more to do with danger of additional gunfire than debris or other potential danger from the exploding house.