Casey Kasem Missing: Judge Expresses Concern For DJ’s Safety

An investigation has been ordered to try and determine the whereabouts of Casey Kasem after an attorney for the DJ’s wife revealed that he had been removed from the country.

A Los Angeles Judge declared that a probe into his location should begin immediately. Judge Daniel S. Murphy decreed that adult protective services and a court investigator should find out exactly where Kasem, who suffers form Parkinson’s disease, is being treated. He then wants the duo to report back to the court with their findings.

Kasem, who is no longer able to speak, has been treated in various medical institutions over the last few months; each of which has been picked by his wife of 34 years, Jean Kasem.

Kasem’s three children with his first wife Linda Myers, Mike, Julie and Kerri Kasem, have made several complaints that they’ve been unable to see their father because of their step-mother’s antics.

On Monday, Kerri was made her father’s temporary caretaker, while her attorney, Troy Martin, has claimed that Kasey has been taken to Washington state, where he is being treated on an Indian reservation.

Jean Kasem’s attorney, Craig Marcus, admitted that he doesn’t know where the legendary radio personality is currently located. However, he believes that Kasey has been removed from the country. “I have no idea where he is,” Marcus proclaimed when asked.

This provoked the Judge to respond, “Your statements concern me even more.” However, Marcus insisted that Jean, who has her own child with Kasey, Liberty Jean Kasem, has every right to move her husband to a new treatment centre. Because of this revelation, Judge Murphy immediately appointed a doctor to examine Casey Kasem’s condition, as well as a court-appointed attorney to find out exactly where he is in a timely manner.

Kerri recently talked to about the breakdown of Casey’s relationship with his children, which was allegedly instigated by Jean.

Jean is believed to have told Casey’s three oldest children: “Sorry, he [Casey] is just going to die with me.”

Kerri added, “We don’t want his (Kasem’s) money, we don’t want his estate, we don’t want anything from her. All we want is to see our dad…We just want to see our dad and to love him and take care of him before he dies.”

Previously, Jean explained that she cared for Casey “day in and day” and did her best “to provide for his care and well-being.” However, she also confirmed, “For the most part, he is now bedridden.”

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