‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Villains, Plot, And Other Characters We Might See [Spoilers]

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 villains and plot may have been teased alongside those announced for upcoming spin-offs such as the Sinister Six and Venom movies. Where are most of these reveals found? In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, of course.

Those who played the tie-in video game for the last movie may have been given a few hints as well, and we can only say that some characters may have appeared and we didn’t know it. The first of the villains possibly revealed in the last movie is Felicia Hardy. Though she wasn’t a major character, she did have enough to do with the plot to make us think she might play a much larger role in the next film.

Felicia Hardy is the civilian name for Black Cat, Spider-Man‘s stalker who never seems to get more than his attention, and usually ends up fighting him. Fans of the character know that she only fights him to prove that she’s meant to be with him.

Felicia Hardy Black Cat 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' villains Eddie Brock
Could Felicia Hardy be one of the 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' villains?

It’s interesting that Gwen Stacy died at the end of the last movie, possibly making way for a twisted love triangle involving one of the Amazing Spider-Man 3 villains. The other part of the love triangle might involve the first appearance of Mary Jane Watson.

Now why would there be any conflict in Peter Parker’s decision between the two? It could be that Venom will end up appearing toward the end of the Amazing Spider-Man 3 plot. Venom is the result of an alien symbiote taking over the body of Parker’s rival Eddie Brock, and the symbiote seemingly appeared in the chamber alongside harnesses for Doctor Octopus and Vulture. In order for Venom to appear, Peter Parker has to come in contact with the alien substance himself, meaning a battle in his own mind as he turns into the black Spider-Man.

There was a moment during Spider-Man’s fight with Electro where the shadows sat just right on his face and we could clearly see a foreshadowing effect with the red hero on the right side and the black version on the left. The moment happened right after Peter saw Gwen Stacy’s father in his mind, showing that his dark side was beginning to come out.

While Parker is battling with the Amazing Spider-Man 3‘s villain-like symbiote, he might have to make a choice between Felicia Hardy and Mary Jane Watson, eventually causing him to throw out the black suit moments before the symbiote attaches itself to Eddie Brock.

We might only see Venom at the very end much like we did with Rhino, but we doubt Spider-Man will actually defeat him since there is a possible spinoff planned for him. So far, we can assume that Rhino and the Green Goblin will be the main Amazing Spider-Man 3 villains as Venom and Black Cat are set up throughout the plot.

It was also revealed that Marc Webb wants to see Kraven the Hunter in the next film, though he may end up getting only a cameo before the Sinister Six spinoff.

What do you think might happen in Marc Webb’s next take on the web-slinger?

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