Teacher Marries 16-Year-Old Student In Vegas, Mom Attends Wedding [Video]

A Houston-area drama teacher has been placed in police custody after cops discovered that he married his 16-year-old student in Las Vegas.

Illich Auyapah Guardiola, a 41-year-old drama teacher working at several Houston-area acting academies and theaters, and an English-language voice actor who has made his fame in Japanese anime films, was caught in a car with the teenage girl, one of his students at the Houston Family Arts Center, during a routine traffic violation stop in April, according to the Daily News.

During the traffic stop, the teenage girl told police said she was one of Guardiola’s students and that the middle-aged teacher was giving her a ride home. Later the investigation revealed that the two were in a relationship and that Honduras-born Guardiola “thoroughly seduced” his underage wife.

According to court documents, the teen sent numerous illicit text messages to her older paramour, including one that read, “I love having sex with you.”

“We were informed by local law enforcement that one of our independent contract teachers was under investigation for possible criminal activity,” said Bob Clark, executive director of the Houston Family Arts Center in a released statement. “When we learned of the investigation we took what we believed was the best possible action, which was too immediately sever all our ties with this contractor. Our priority will always be with our students and our organization.”

The Harris County Police Department stated that the drama teacher took his student to Las Vegas about two weeks ago, and married the girl with her mother present.

On May 8, when Guardiola was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child, the underage girl was in the Harris County apartment she and Guardiola shared.

Guardiola is being held in the Harris County Jail on a $50,000 bond, and police are now urging others to come forward after concerns arose that there could be more victims.

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