Happy Mother’s Day! This Super-Cute Video Sums Up The Experience Of Moms Everywhere

Mother’s Day, the holiday, comes only once per year, but the truth is every day is Mother’s Day. Moms do so much, and put up with such craziness from all of us, that they deserve to be honored and appreciated every single day of our lives.

We found this video, by wildlife cinematographer Andrew Manske, which we think sums up pretty much everything moms go through on a daily basis in one short, two-minute clip. And this mom isn’t even human.

But, mothers out there, take a look at what this polar bear mom puts up with, and tell us if you don’t relate.

These cubs are just out of the maternity den — that’s a cave that the pregnant polar bear mom-to-be digs usually just as winter is setting in. She then crawls inside the den to give birth to her cubs and nurse them to the point where they can get up and around on their own.

By then, thanks to the polar bear mother’s milk which is more than 30 percent fat, the cubs look as you see them in the video. Bear in mind that this is just about two or three months after birth when they weighed only about one pound each.

They’ll stay at their mother’s side until the age of about 2 1/2. But until then, it’s all on mom to keep them happy and safe — and that’s exhausting.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms of all species everywhere!