WordPress 2.7 breaks category feeds (and apologies if you got the wrong content)

The Inquisitr is now running WordPress 2.7, the "Coltrane" release that offers new security and a wacky new layout that takes a lot of getting use to (I hate it so far, but I'm going to give it some more time).

We'd normally not mention an upgrade except for one little fact: it broke our category feeds.

From what I can gather by one entry on the WordPress forums, the traditional feed by category format is no longer supported. In tech terms, that means if you had a feed url like yoursite.com/wp-feed.php?cat=7 it now doesn't show content from category 7, it instead diverts to the master feed. The newer, friendlier to look at category feed of yoursite.com/category/specific-category-name/feed/ does work.

For us that means everyone subscribed to a category feed got half a days worth of full content. We obviously offer category specific feeds because we respect that not everyone wants to read everything, and we are deeply sorry for those upset by the error. We've reset the feeds using the supported URL into Feedburner and they should be sorted now, although they may take a short while to update.

If you're upgrading to WordPress 2.7, the warning is simple: check everything is working! Feeds are the last thing I thought to look at.