Brigitte Bardot Has Been Prosecuted Five Times In Ten Years For Inciting Racial Hatred

Addam Corré - Author

Oct. 21 2016, Updated 5:06 a.m. ET

Brigitte Bardot was unique in her day when she first graced the beaches of Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival in 1953.

According to Columbia film professor Edward Baron Turk, the young French girl was the center of attention back then after she “flaunted spontaneity and informality via her girlish barefoot gait, long, loose hair and unfussy, mostly skimpy attire. She invented a new image of the French starlet: anti-snobbish and non-intimidating.”

A lot has happened since those carefree days of 1953 when Brigitte Bardot established herself as an icon. For example, did you know that Bardot has been arrested and prosecuted for inciting racial hatred five times in just ten years? That’s according to who reported on the story back in April.

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Now aged 79, Brigitte Bardot complained a few years ago to the President of France, Nicholas Sarcozy, about the way Muslims slaughtered sheep during the Eid-al-Adha festival.

Bardot herself once donated nearly $150,000 to assist with the sterilization of stray dogs in Bucharest and has been a renowned animal rights activist for many years. She took issue with the way Muslim’s slit sheeps’ throats saying it was cruel and barbaric as part of a larger rant she was having at the time.

Back then, Brigitte Bardot also said she was tired of being “under the thumb of the population which is destroying us, destroying our country, and imposing its habits,” referring to the Muslim population in France.

On top of her numerous racist comments, Bardot also published a book condemning and attacking the gay community, immigrants and the unemployed in France, but lamented most about what she sees as the “Islamisation” of France.

The last thing many people expected from the starlet back in 1953, who amazed the world with her beauty, was that she could one day be convicted of inciting racial hatred, and receive a two month prison sentence.

Even though the sentence was suspended, Brigitte Bardot was fined around $40,000 by the court, and was very lucky not to have to serve any time behind bars.

Clarification: Some of the comments at the foot of this article have suggested that the claims against Brigitte Bardot are unfounded or untrue.

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This information was collated from a number of bone fide sources. One of which is Wikipedia, which writes:

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After her retirement, Bardot established herself as an animal rights activist. During the 1990s, she generated controversy by criticizing immigration and Islam in France, and has been fined five times for inciting racial hatred.

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Another source was an article written by Michèle Finck on which outlines more specific details relating to Bardot’s previous convictions. You can read that article here.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

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In 1997, first offence, using a newspaper column to complain of the ‘foreign overpopulation’ of France. In 2000, she was convicted for having written in her book Pluto’s Square that ‘my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims.’ In 2004, she was found guilty for having published another book, A Cry in the Silence, in which she established a generalised link between Islam and the terrorist attacks that took place on 11 September 2001.

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