WWE News: Update On Sting’s Potential Signing With WWE, When He Will Appear

WWE has been unable to grab one man for 20 years now, but it seems those days are behind them. Sting, the man who has never worked for the WWE and could be the only marquee wrestling name to never have worked for any McMahon. Now, rumors are swirling that Sting may have signed and is just waiting to be put on television.

Sting was on WWE Network for the tribute to Ultimate Warrior. He actually made appearances on the Network all that week. WWE also added him to their “30 Seconds of Fury” YouTube show, where they highlighted his Stinger Death Drop finishing move.

WWE was rumored to have filmed him for some other WWE Network projects set to come out later this year, and even DVDs. He is supposedly present on his Ultimate Warrior DVD, but at the time WWE was filming it, he was under TNA contract so that might be uncertain. They did use footage of him with Warrior, however, as they were a tag team before splitting up to join different companies.

Sting was supposedly set to appear on the RAW after WrestleMania 30. However, with The Undertaker being hospitalized the night before and not on RAW, the WWE did not use Sting for the show. They easily could have, as he was in town.

The Undertaker is speculated to be an opponent for Sting at WrestleMania 31, but that has not yet been decided. Many fans want to see it as it is sort of a dream match for fans.

The issue has always been that the men were in two different companies. The problem now is that Undertaker may be done all together. So WWE may be holding off on bringing Sting in for a while, so that they can potentially use him in Undertaker’s place.

The last word on him coming in, however, was said to be around SummerSlam. There is no word on how they were planning to do that, but it was floating around. WWE also contemplated just having him appear randomly without a set up to surprise fans and bring in major ratings for a RAW TV show.

The one thing we DO know, is that is it believed Sting had signed a contract in the last month. We also know a little about the deal. In that it is said to be a Legend’s Deal and similar to Brock Lesnar’s deal where he will only work TV spots and PPVs but other than that, there are no major details on the deal. The money side on it has yet to be confirmed, but Sting isn’t going to complain, I’m sure. Sources claim that Sting’s major reason for coming to WWE was never about the money in the first place, although, like most, he won’t just say no to the color green.

There had been rumors for months about if he signed a deal with WWE. One rumor stated that WWE had faxed a contract over, and Sting had yet to sign it, which is kind of weird to do. It’s not like he’s somehow giving his soul away. Of course, just a few weeks after this rumor came out, Sting appeared on the WWE Network. Before all of this, other websites confirmed he signed a deal. So, it was really a wait and see approach.

Another interesting note is that the WWE has done a lot of Sting related content as of late, and used him in a lot of different videos both on YouTube and the Network. So, it was speculated heavily already the last few weeks, but now we can confirm a signing has taken place. When he will appear on Live TV is still up in the air, but we know it will happen. It’s all a waiting game as of now.