Evolutionist Ironically Prove That Darwin’s Theory Is Scientifically Invalid

Ever since the induction of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, the view of survival of the fittest, eugenics, and everything associated with Darwin’s Theory has been used to attack Creationism and Intelligent Design. Earlier this year, Ken Ham and Bill Nye debated against each other, each taking their stance on the origins. Ham supported Intelligent Design while Nye supported Darwin’s theory, as reported by The Inquisitr.

For decades, scientists have backed up that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as the scientific authority pertaining to the origin of life. However, is it truly scientific in the first place? The video above actually asks basic questions, in which must be answered through science itself. Ironically, by simply asking these questions, evolutionists can’t even answer them to support their supposed proof-filled belief in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

According to Science Buddies, the scientific method is divided up into seven steps being:

  1. Statement – Present an inquiry or question.
  2. Research – Attain all viable information that pertains to the inquiry or question.
  3. Hypothesis – Present an educated guess on what the conclusion may be from attained research.
  4. Experimentation – Test the hypothesis by testing the inquiry or question.
  5. Analysis – Record all collected results from observable and testable experimentation.
  6. Conclusion – From analyzed data, present an honest conclusion.
  7. Representation – Present conclusion of experiment to others, in which repeating should bear the same results.

For most Americans who were educated in the public school system, the above list should be familiar because it was used for science projects for fair. Children were taught to follow this model in conducting science, right? Unfortunately, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has a huge gaping issue if we follow with the basic scientific method presented above: experimentation is missing, ergo so all other steps after that are invalid.

This is also one of the few times people of a creationist and Intelligent Design stance asked questions of substance. Originally, most people defaulted to the “21 Facts Evolutionists Cannot Answer” which was presented in a very negative and snark way. Maybe that is why evolutionists who support Darwin’s Theory of Evolution would look at Intelligent Design with such disdain.

In the end, it all comes down to faith, and just by the video above, anyone who believes in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has to surely believe it by faith, too.

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