Nicole Kidman Responds To Royals Ticked By ‘Grace Of Monaco’

Nicole Kidman – like most actresses – is used to having her movies reviewed, sometimes favorably, sometimes not so favorably; However, it’s unlikely that Kidman is accustomed to having her movies receive unfavorable reviews from royalty. Maybe she should have expected it, given the subject matter of Grace of Monaco, in which Nicole portrays actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly.

Kidman responded to sharp criticism aimed at her and her portrayal of Princess Grace in Grace of Monaco in an interview in the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail:

“I know they’re upset. I would be, too, if it were my mother. It’s a child’s job to protect their parent. In that regard, I get it. I get why the children are upset. I can’t say much other than that I have great respect and regard for their mother. It’s not meant to be a biopic.”

Princess Grace’s descendants have complained primarily that the film, which is slated to open the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, does not offer an accurate portrayal of who their mother was as a person. Nicole, for her part, claims that the film was never intended to offer an historically accurate portrayal of the actress who became the Princess of Monaco.

A report in further quotes Kidman saying:

“I certainly did my best to honor everything that was real and truthful in it (but) there’s a fairytale aspect to it, which is why it isn’t a biopic.”

Royals rarely get involved in critiquing films. They generally leave that to the likes of Siskel, Ebert and commoners of their ilk. This time, however, the royal family has publicly denounced the Grace of Monaco film starring Nicole Kidman as a “farce,” and saying it utilizes “dubious historical references.”

While Kidman – and as far as we can tell, everyone else involved with the film – isn’t making the claim that the movie is historically accurate, Nicole does portray a real life figure, with real-life descendants who happen to still be living. While its certainly admirable that Kidman expresses understanding of the royal family’s misgivings about the Grace of Monaco movie, one has to question why she – or anyone – would want to be part of a movie about a real person if they didn’t feel the movie offered a more-or-less accurate portrayal.

What do you think? Is the royal family taking this too personally or do they have every reason to be royally ticked at Nicole Kidman for her part in misrepresenting their mother in the Grace of Monaco movie?