TV Host Nearly Shoots Herself With A Nail Gun On Live Broadcast [Video]

Sarah Harris almost got nailed on live TV.

Harris, the co-host of Studio 10 on Australian television, pointed the business end of a nail gun the wrong way, i.e. at her own face.

Studio 10 is a popular morning talk show that airs on Australia’s Network Ten from 8:30 to 11:00 am on weekdays.

She was assisting mentalist Anthony Laye yesterday morning in a demo at the time, and as far as being a magician’s helper, she definitely didn’t nail it, which in this case was probably a good thing. “The popular Studio 10 host proved you don’t learn handywoman skills at journalism school when she nearly accidentally shot herself with a nail gun during a mind-reading stunt this morning.”

See embed below.

The terrified (with good reason) audience went into an uproar as Harris pointed the wrong end of the power tool at her head and seemed to be on the verge of pulling the trigger. Although it seemed like an eternity, after a few seconds co-host Jessica Rowe thankfully intervened and turned the nail gun in the proper direction. It seems to be a real question as to why none of the other cast or stagehands jumped in.

Laye must be a real mind reader because he seemed to be aware of the near chaos on the set even blindfolded. He and Harris both seemed to have a good laugh over what could have been a disastrous outcome.

Apparently he enlisted Harris in a game called “nail gun roulette” of all things in which “he tries to tell by a person’s voice which one of four nail guns is loaded… Harris, who had the nerve-wracking job of shuffling the four guns around, wasn’t paying attention when Laye explained which end of the nail gun was which, leading to an extremely tense situation.”

Sarah Harris later that day tweeted that the nail gun that she pointed at her face was empty.