Jon Hamm Cried During ‘Frozen’

If you aren’t completely in love with Mad Men star Jon Hamm yet this may just do the trick. Hamm, who has been with partner Jennifer Westfeldt for over fifteen years, has admitted that Disney’s Frozen has touched his heart.

Hamm opened up during his interview with Vanity Fair to promote his new film Million Dollar Arm, and during the conversation he admitted that, despite not having any children, Frozen warmed his heart.

It wasn’t just Frozen that made the rugged actor cry. In fact, Hamm said that Despicable Me 2 was also one of the last films to make him cry. The coincidence are that both films are animated.

“It wouldn’t be a sports movie. I watched on the plane coming here. Both of them made me cry because I had to watch those because I watched a documentary about the death gangs in Cambodia called An Act of Killing, so I literally was like, ‘I gotta scrub these out of my brain.”

This isn’t the first time he revealed that Frozen got him weepy. During a sit down interview with Hit Fix, Hamm spoke about the popular Disney film. During the interview he revealed what moment from Frozen got to him the most:

“I was surprised I cried. I was on a plane. Come on, when she turns into ice to save her sister, I was done, but I was on a plane. Everything is heightened on a plane.”

Hamm’s Frozen bombshell isn’t the only headline that has come out of the Vanity Fair interview. Recently Hamm spoke about his experience working in the porn industry. The actor who was a professional set dresser called it a “soul crushing” experience. The experience also aligns with a guest appearance on the 90s dating show The Big Date.

On the show Hamm had to charm a contestant as a bachelor who was vying for affection and attention. His description of his ideal dream date is the quotable:

“Start off with some fabulous food, a little fabulous conversation, end it with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulosity.”

Thankfully Hamm scored the lead role on Mad Men and his life has been changed. Of the role the actor said:

“This is the best job I’ve ever had and maybe ever will have in my life — it’s so fun to play all of this. It can be relentlessly dark. It can be terribly sexually inappropriate, is a way to say it. But who else gets a chance to do any of that stuff? There’s so much there.”

Million Dollar Arm hits theaters on May 16.

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