Wayne Rooney Picks Ronaldo, But Not Messi As Top Two Players

In a departure from what most believe, Manchester United’s striker Wayne Rooney picks Cristiano Ronaldo, but not Lionel Messi as two of the top players in the world.

Rooney’s answer came during a Q&A he did with Samsung on Facebook this past Wednesday, during which the striker took the time to answer all kinds of crazy questions about him, personally, his team, and football in general.

One of those came to Rooney when someone asked him to share his thoughts on who the best player in the world is and his answer may not be what you would expect:

“Cristiano Ronaldo and probably Luis Suarez a close second.” the Old Trafford player said.

In other words, Wayne Rooney puts Suarez above Messi, who usually tops any list of best players, which in it of itself is unusual.

Coming from one of the most legendary English soccer players, the comment is garnering some attention and since Rooney and Ronaldo played for Manchester United at one point the statements have even more weight.

“The best player I’ve ever played with is between two: Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Scholes. ‘Scholesy’ controlled the game and passed the ball around but in terms of winning games—Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Apparently Rooney isn’t the only one recognizing Suarez as one of the top players in their sport. According to Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, the Uruguayan forward is “in a league of his own” and if the English club manages to retain him Suarez is sure to bring some exciting times:

“We are lucky to have such a world-class talent like Luis playing here with us, and helping us to great things and be successful.”

Even though Messi hasn’t shined as we are used to — in part due to Barcelona’s lack-luster performance — he is still having a very good season and has scored 36 goals in as many games, while Ronaldo has done so 31 times in 30 appearances for Real Madrid.


Interestingly enough, a report in Givemesports.com suggests that Wayne Rooney is the most complete player in the world, not Ronaldo or Messi.

“The England forward has everything in his locker and can do everything, well almost. Let me tell you why I have chosen Rooney and not Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Franck Ribery or Luis Suarez is because, irrespective of the great achievements of each of the players mentioned above, Rooney qualifies to be complete because of his playing style.”

Do you agree with Wayne Rooney in his choice of top players? Do you think Ronaldo and Suarez are the best players at the moment?

[Image via Maxisport / Shutterstock.com]