‘Pokemon Omega Ruby’, ‘Alpha Sapphire’ Coming This Fall To 3DS

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are coming to the Nintendo 3DS this Fall, apparently nixing (or postponing) the possibility of seeing a Pokemon Z. In yet another case of the Nintendo remakes, the two games are expected to give us a new take on the classics Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire.

They may be remakes, but what better franchise can they do it to than the bestselling Nintendo game of the past year? Pokemon X and Y was the single most successful title on the 3DS, blowing sales out of the water for anything on the Wii U, and at one point even challenging Grand Theft Auto 5 for the title of bestselling game of the year.

It is yet unknown what Gamefreak might add to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, other than what the video above promises as a “dramatic new world.” Speculation suggests that monsters from the last game might be brought over, possibly using updated Bank and Transfer apps, alongside Mega Evolutions and Legendary Pokemon.

Details to be revealed include how the new games will be a remake when Gamefreak is giving us a whole new world in which to “catch em all,” as well as what the starters will be for the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes. Considering the epic undertaking that Pokemon X and Y gave us, putting our hero and his pocket monster potentials in a new 3D world with sea and air battles, it would be a disappointment to see anything less from the next two games. Another question we might get answered is whether or not the additions from Pokemon Emerald will be included.

The original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire had our plucky protagonist taking on the Elite Four. While adding the usual legion of new monsters to catch, it was also the first to offer four player connection and double battles. The only thing holding it back according to critics was the lack of innovation in graphics and sound, something the 3DS will undoubtedly supply. We might just see the world of Ruby and Sapphire given the 3D treatment and expanded.

Could the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire release date in November bring back the third generation classic and impress us with an updated 3D world? Are you ready to “catch ’em all” all over again?