Master Chief in Minecraft as Mojang Brings Halo to Xbox 360

Twitter brought followers of Microsoft Studios a screen shot of Master Chief in Minecraft as Mojang brings a Halo texture pack for Minecraft to the Xbox 360. Gameranx posted the tweet earlier today.

Microsoft Studios teased the Halo texture pack with the photo you see above and Mojang retweeted the picture on their official account almost immediately.

With the language of “Yes, this is happening,” the news is only lacking a traditional press release or formal announcement from Mojang or Microsoft Studios.

Halo is owned by Microsoft Studios, meaning that a Master Chief Halo texture pack will likely be exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of the game. The possibility of the texture pack being included with the forthcoming Xbox One version of Minecraft is also likely. The PC version might also see the texture pack, but it is a pretty good guess that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft will not see the Master Chief on the console anytime soon.

In addition to a Halo texture pack for Minecraft, the Xbox 360 version has seen some excellent gaming and comic themed texture packs. The Mass Effect edition was first released on Sept 4, 2013, and was quickly followed by the Skyrim Edition. A total of 7 texture packs are currently available for the Xbox 360 version on Minecraft.

Skin packs have also been plentiful on the platform, with Spider-Man receiving a skin pack on April 30 along with The Avengers. Other gaming related skin packs have included content from Gears of War, Banjo & Kazooie, and a generic Red Spartan from the Halo franchise.

With Minecraft receiving a Halo texture pack for the Xbox 360, we are hoping to see news for more PlayStation 3 texture packs specific to Sony-owned games in future title updates. As always, keep with The Inquisitr for updates to this and other gaming stories.

Image Source | Microsoft Studios