WWE News: WWE Planning A Buried Alive Match For Daniel Bryan Vs Kane At Payback PPV

WWE fans got all they really could ask for at Extreme Rules. Several of the matches were good, and WWE outdid themselves yet again with another year of Extreme Rules greatness. However, the match that surprised many experts was the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Daniel Bryan(c) and Kane.

Many believed that it would be a relatively good match-up, especially due to the Extreme Rules aspect of the match itself. However, WWE gave us a Street Fight/Hardcore style Extreme Rules match. It was very old school, which excited older fans and caught a lot of buzz from the new school fans as well.

Cars, forklifts, and more were involved to make this a 4 out of 5 star match at the worst. So how could WWE top such a match-up even when you have already had Kane lose? It seems that they are planning a Buried Alive match at WWE’s Payback PPV. A match only The Undertaker or Kane have been part of in the past with competitors, it is the style of match that neither have really had a good history with. So, it seems idiotic for Kane just as a kayfabe character, to want to be part of such a match.

WWE has had a lot of fun with these types of matches, so understand going in that most of the Buried Alive matches have been entertaining. The problem with them is that there is always the predicable win. So despite how well WWE builds Kane up to be some sort of monster heel again, we all know the outcome of the match will be a Daniel Bryan win.

This would most likely write the Kane character off for a bit, then have him return down the line. The person who plays Kane, Glenn Jacobs is supposed to be doing some political stuff in the near future and he also has his insurance company that he is getting off the ground.

Yes, Kane owns an insurance company in real life people. No word on fire insurance currently.

All kidding aside, the rumor going around is that Kane requested time off in the past and a great way to do this would be to bury him alive. Easily it’s a great way to kill off a character for a while. You can extend it as much as you would like, too. The Undertaker came back from these matches in the past, so we know Kane will do it in a similar way.

Kane is not set to leave for good, as his contract is not set to expire for a while. Of course, it’s just a rumor as of now that Kane wanted the time off. However, if WWE does decide to go with the Buried Alive match, it would be almost obvious that WWE would write him off for a bit. Having him return the next night on RAW or shortly after wouldn’t make much sense storyline-wise alone.

The original plan was to have Batista take on Daniel Bryan at WWE’s Payback PPV instead of Kane. However, Batista threw a bit of a hissy-fit and didn’t want to lose to Bryan right before he left. He was set to leave after Extreme Rules, but he managed to work things out with WWE to extend his schedule to the Payback PPV like originally planned.

There is no word on what WWE will do with Batista at the PPV, but the rumor as of now is to have another Evolution/Shield match. There is no word currently on the type of match they would have however, as the planned main event was dropped and Batista pretty much just came to terms with WWE to stay in the last few days. This meant that WWE had to do some re-writes for RAW and shows upcoming to include Batista and more Evolution material.

This is why WWE came up with the Buried Alive match, because it would allow for WWE to keep Kane in the title picture. However, it was most likely a last minute concept as well. WWE most likely kept talking to Batista about staying and he finally agreed, but still did not want to face Bryan.

The only thing we know currently is that WWE does still plan to do a Buried Alive match, but even that could change.

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