Watch Manchester City Vs. Aston Villa Live Online, Premier League Streaming Video

Fans can watch the Manchester City vs. Aston Villa football match live online and see if Man City can seize its opportunity to take control of the Premier League.

Manchester City has been watching Liverpool from behind for the past several weeks, but after Liverpool’s three-goal collapse against Crystal Palace there is an opening for Manchester City to hop them in the standings. They are playing an Aston Villa team in the bottom half of the league, but one that Manchester City coach Gary Neville said can still produce “daft” results.”

That was the case earlier this season, when Aston Villa notched a 3-2 upset over Manchester City.

The two teams will face off again Wednesday at pm local time.

Fans who watch the Manchester City vs. Aston Villa match live online will see Manchester City playing against a team with little to lose, which Neville said makes him nervous.

“Aston Villa put in some daft performances, some performances that surprise you every so often. They are capable of it,” he said. “Aston Villa will be relieved. Those young players have been under pressure in these last few weeks. They could have gone into the weekend, lost the home game and if other results had gone against them they were under huge pressure.”

Manchester City’s win over Everton last weekend, coupled with both Chelsea and Liverpool dropping points, now have them as heavy favorites to win the Premier League going into the final weekend.

But Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher said said Manchester City is far from in the clear, and has shown signs they could have a letdown.

He said: “You can’t say you see it or expect it. The thing with Manchester City with the squad that they’ve got and the team they’ve got, they should have romped away with the league.

“But they have complacency in them and I saw that at the weekend as well. It’s too easy at times for them. When they get to 3-1 you’d expect them to go to 4-1 or 5-1 with the quality they’ve got.”

Fans who want to watch the Manchester City vs. Aston Villa match live online can click here for Premier League streaming video. Viewers in the United States can watch the match here.