Crystal City F.C.’s Shocking Comeback Draw Against Liverpool 3-3 Leaves Players In Tears

Crystal City F.C. provided Liverpool with a shocker, when they came back from a 0-3 deficit to draw with the number one team in the Premier League and effectively ended their dreams at the title.

The amazing thing is that this all happened within the span of 10-minutes, the longest minutes in Liverpool history.

Fans and experts are all asking the same question. How could Liverpool blow a three-goal lead? Somehow, it happened in front of thousands who came to watch them take on 11th place Crystal Palace and millions more who did so online or TV on Monday.

It might have been a case of overconfidence, or cockiness, as Liverpool built a comfortable 3-0 lead and they were probably rubbing their hands at collecting a good goal differential.

Following Crystal Palace’s crushing comeback, Liverpool’s Luis Suarez was seen in tears, hiding his face inside his shirt and had to be physically helped off the pitch by Kolo Toure.

In difficult statements following the devastating match, Liverpool F.C.’s coach Brendan Rodgers saidpan his team’s success wasn’t a flash in the pan, but admitted that the title hopes are likely crushed:

“We’re going top with 81 points with a week to go in the season and we’re sat here devastated.”

“I’m here to fight, to win titles, and I’ll be relentless in my quest. We’re trying to build something that’s sustainable.”

Crystal City was down by three, following goals by Joe Allen (18′), Daniel Sturridge (53′), and Luis Suarez (55′) who each scored one goal and put Liverpool in a very comfortable lead until the 79th minute when things took a change for the tragic.

On the 79th minute, Damian Delaney scored the first of the comeback goals. Dwight Gayle scored two minutes later giving Crystal City the draw in the 88th minute.

Both Crystal Palace and Liverpool were frantically trying to end the draw, by defending and attacking desperately. Palace prevailed and Liverpool is left in mourning, after being oh-so-close. A real tragedy.

Luis Suarez — recently crowned Premier League’s player of the year — was left in tears at the end of the match and covered his face with his shirt as he left the pitch, the dream of claiming Liverpool’s first title in 24 years gone thanks to Crystal Palace.

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