‘Tales From The Borderlands’ Sheds Light On ‘Borderlands’ Characters

Tales from the Borderlands isn’t like any other Borderlands game that has been released yet. Instead of being a first-person shooter, Tales is much more of a story-centric title allowing gamers to see the story behind the very popular characters in greater detail.

Telltale games has made itself quite a little niche in the video gaming world with titles like The Wolf Among Us and its take on The Walking Dead. Tales from the Borderlands is built on the same kind of game engine which sets itself up as more of a “choose your own adventure” with a little more action.

Tales is actually one of two Borderlands games set for release in 2014. For those who still prefer the shoot-em-up style of Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is more your bag.

Tales from the Borderlands

There have been plenty of people who have asked why a more story based version of Borderlands was even an idea that was kicked around. Telltale games producer Adam Sarasohn explained his company’s motivations on the PlayStation Blog, saying,

If you pause to take a breath between shooting everything in sight and stealing your buddies’ loot in multiplayer, you’ll know that Borderlands features some amazing characters and stories in a world that’s rich in dark humor. Handsome Jack, Claptrap, Tiny Tina, Angel, Moxxi, Zer0… it’s a big list.

Sarasohn added that the “Borderlands games and the DLC have only scratched the surface.” The developer believes there is a world that is as deep and engrossing as what we see in Star Wars, and Telltale was able to flesh that universe out a bit more.

As usual, Telltale will be telling Tales from the Borderlands in an episodic format that cost $4.99 per episode. You will likely be able to buy the entire “first season” for around $20 if you go the season pass route.

Tales from the Borderlands

The choices you make in Tales will change the way the story is told and will directly affect the way the game is played. As Eurogamer points out, collecting loot is an important part of the Borderlands games, and Tales won’t be any different in this regard. In fact, you will be able to keep your gear from one season to the next and what gear you carry over will likely effect how each subsequent episode plays out.

Tales from the Borderlands is a departure from Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead in one very distinct area. This game will actually have you playing from two different points of view. You will take on the perspective of either Rhys or Fiona. Rhys is an employee of Hyperion, and Fiona is a fast talking con artist.

In Tales from the Borderland, there are likely going to be a few different versions of the same tales told.