This Adorable Chinese Girl Roller Skating To Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' Will Make Your Day

Think you can skate? This Chinese girl might give your rusty, old moves a run for its money. Just check out this video of an adorable girl named Feng Hui killing it as she skates to Michael Jackson's "Beat It".

rollerblading girl from China by TubeUser86

The girl, donning your typical Halloween shop MJ costume, presents herself at the middle of the gymnasium as she prepares for the performance of her life. As soon as the track starts, the girl wows the Internet, and the vid is rapidly shared across various social media platforms.

On reddit, where the video was first noticed, redditors were all praises for the girl's amazing roller skating skills. Redditor grabbag21 said:

"Remember, no matter how good you are at something, there's always an 8 year old asian kid who can do it better."
Khatfield79 said:
"My jaw dropped, and stayed open the whole time. Seriously amazing skills!"

Redditor Shadoire suddenly just got sad about himself after seeing the talented girl's roller skating routine:

"The internet is great at making you feel talentless."

The girl, whose amazing choreography to Beat It garnered acclaim from netizens, made redditor potatoelover69 evaluate his own roller skating "skills":

"I can barely stand on skates"
This isn't the cute girl's only performance to hit the web. She has another one with a partner, this time in Germany, skating on the tunes of Smooth Criminal. Seems like someone's a fan of the King of Pop.
Roller skating is big in China, especially in bigger cities where competitive roller blading competitions are usually held. Girls younger than Feng Hui can be seen skating around amusement parks, although skills as mindblowing as her's are particularly rare to come by.

If you were inspired by Feng's skillful skating moves, you can always check out tons of roller skate tips and instructional videos on the internet. A simple Google search will bring you to helpful sites and videos that can train aspiring roller skaters conquer the sport. One particularly useful site to get tips from is Wikihow, where a detailed roller skating how-to is immediately available.

Another way to improve your moves is to join skating forums and local skating communities, where seminars are conducted from time to time by pro skaters themselves.

Who knows, we might see you in the next hottest viral vid alongside Feng Hui - this time roller skating to the MJ classic Thriller.

[Image is screenshot of video]