Kevin Spacey ‘Talk Dirty’: Spacey, Jimmy Fallon Perform ‘Talk Dirty’ With Ragtime Gals

Kevin Spacey performed “Talk Dirty” along with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night’s Tonight Show. Spacey joined the four members of the barbershop quartet, Ragtime Gals. Together, the five guys sang an a capella version of Jason Derulo’s hit song, “Talk Dirty.”

According to Huffington Post, Spacey, Fallon, Tom Shillue, A.D. Miles, and Chris Tartaro made serious a capella magic with the song.

And yes, Spacey sings all of the great lyrics including, “first class seat on my lap girl” and “but your booty don’t need explaining.”

While you might think that their rendition of the song is funny — it is — it is also quite good.