WWE Extreme Rules: Why John Cena Needs To Defeat Bray Wyatt Psychologically

The WWE has had their fair share of the crazies over the years. During the WWE attitude era, Victoria was mentally unstable arguing with herself in the mirror. Mickie James obsessed over Trish Stratus. Go even further back to the WWE in the 90s, Stone Cold Steve Austin was a bionic redneck with a dangerous attitude and the Undertaker was a sociopath cult leader who sacrificed wrestlers. Now the WWE has its crazy for the Reality Era, and John Cena is in the midst of his crossfire.

Earlier on The Inquisitr, we reported how John Cena may possibly make a heel turn due to the WWE Universe turning on him. However, there is more to it than just beating the “Eater of Worlds”. The most polarizing wrestler in the WWE has to beat Bray psychologically. Honestly, most of Cena’s current situation is of his own doing. Innovating a stagnant character and not innovating one’s wrestling repertoire tends to make everyone turn on any wrestler. WWE is very dynamic. WWE changes at a high turnover. And the WWE Universe is a fickle beast and they are adamant about who they love and who they hate.

Despite these issues, John Cena fed off of the WWE Universe for their love or hate of him. Technically, his WWE character is good because Cena invokes a reaction from the WWE fans whenever he appears. Either it be positive or negative, it is always good to have some sort of response. The last thing any WWE wrestler wants is dead silence when they walk through that curtain. That means nobody cares. And now as time goes by, Wyatt seems to be pulling the strings to put John Cena in a position where none of the fans in the WWE will care for him. Instead, they’ll just want him gone.

Wyatt has once again forced John Cena to put his “Legacy” on the line. At WWE Extreme Rules, the steel cage match is not just a physical fight, but also a psychological, actually mental fight as well. If John Cena wins the match, he’ll have his legacy but it may still be in jeopardy as Wyatt goes after him again. If he loses, Wyatt would have proven him a failure as in Cena could not contain the message within the cage. If he wins by violence, Wyatt would succeed in finally unleashing the monster that is deep within John Cena. All in all, Bray Wyatt wins at WWE Extreme Rules no matter what the outcome is.

So How does John Cena win to keep his legacy in the WWE, to keep his position among the WWE Universe? He needs to simply last until the day Wyatt leaves him alone. But he’ll need to steel himself psychologically. John Cena is already showing signs of disappointment at the WWE Universe and the WWE fans. In the end, John Cena will need to last to the bitter end and stay true to himself, either he wins or loses. In the end, the fans of the WWE will once again respect him, though they may or may not like him.

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