Theo James, Shailene Woodley Not Dating Despite Rumors

Theo James is not dating his Divergent co-star, Shailene Woodley, despite rumors to the contrary. According to Classicalite,Theo and Shailene are just friends — and, for the record, she’s not dating Ansel Elgort either. Elgort plays Woodley’s on-screen brother, Caleb, in Divergent and her love interest, Augustus, in The Fault In Our Stars. While the actors have spent a lot of time together (read: making out), there isn’t a real-life love connection between any of them.

There is definitely a fan-obsession when it comes to on-screen lovers actually dating in real life. You can probably thank Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for that. Their Twilight love was the real deal and so many fans are still obsessed with them despite their split.

Theo James is an obsession on his own and even though he is technically the “new guy in town,” he has virtually taken over the hearts of every young adult fiction fan (and beyond). James’ good looks and killer accent are only a small part of what makes him so desirable. He has a great sense of humor and he plays music — and he sings — does it get any better? And so it’s easy to understand why there is an obsession over his personal life.

Rumors that Theo James was being courted by Taylor Swift surfaced mid-week but this infuriated many fans. According to, Swift is intrigued by the actor and she’s trying to get close to him… but they are not currently dating. It sounds like the two haven’t even spoken, but that could change. Swift has a way of getting close to some of the hottest, most popular guys (Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles).

Theo James is definitely a catch but he doesn’t seem to be too interested with dating Hollywood. He is handing the extreme fame really well and he is just going about his business without concerning himself with the gossip that his fans have become obsessed with. It seems like everyone wants to know who Theo is spending his spare time with. That is, when he has spare time. He and Shailene Woodley have already started filming Insurgent.

According to a previous report by, James has been dating a girl named Ruth Kearney for about five years — but he doesn’t kiss and tell. Some people believe that Theo and Ruth have broken things off but others believe that they are still together.

Theo James and his girlfriend Ruth Kearney. They have been dating for 5yrs… But but…. I ship Theo and Shai

— Ariane Nuñez (@arianepaulette) April 10, 2014

Are you a Theo James fan? Who do you think he’s dating?

[Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons]