Kate Middleton Upset At Prince William For Partying With Recently Single Brother Harry

Kate Middleton is reportedly fuming at her man Prince William for drinking and partying with his younger brother Harry, who just got out of a long-term relationship.

This week reports emerged that Prince Harry and his longtime girlfriend Cressida Bonas split, a revelation that comes as a shock sources said earlier this year that the couple was headed toward marriage. It was also surprising given that Cressida went back to Harry after his well-publicized wild and naked partying in Las Vegas a couple of years back.

There are rumors flying as to why they split or who dumped whom, with many saying Harry cut ties with Cressida for being too needy. Sources in the royal family have shot down those reports, however.

“Harry wants it confirmed that they have split. But he also wants it to be known this is not because Cress was needy in any way,” a source told the Star. “In fact, it is quite the opposite. Harry felt he needed her more than she needed him.”

But now that the two have split, Prince Harry has taken to partying to cheer himself up and it seems like William is joining in. The two were photographed in Memphis during Guy Pelly’s wedding, both of them looking quite drunk.

This reportedly has Kate Middleton more than a bit upset. While Prince William had a reputation as a party boy when he was younger, those days have passed and William is now the father to a soon-to-be one-year-old boy.

But if reports are correct, then it is Middleton herself who has a hand to play in the whole affair. Rumors have been circulating that it was Kate who scared Cressida Bonas off to the idea of marrying into the royal family, laying out for Cressida the true pressures of being a royal.

“Cressida wants to slow things down,” a source told Star Magazine. “Cressida has spoken to Kate about the expectations that come with being part of the royal family and how unbelievably busy she is… Kate’s been honest about her struggles and it’s been a lot for Cressida to process.”

If there are problems between Kate Middleton and Prince William, they are at the “rumor” phase for now likely will remain so given the couple’s reputation for fiercely guarding their private life.

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