Avril Lavigne ‘Hello Kitty’ Music Video Parodies Are A Dime A Dozen

Avril Lavigne caused quite a stir across the internet when she unleashed the controversial music video for “Hello Kitty” towards the end of April. Not surprisingly, a lot of folks felt the need to poke a little fun at the clip over the past several days.

Love it or hate it, chances are people who’ve heard about the clip have watched it at least once. Even this writer has consumed the video more often than he cares to admit. However, getting me to admit it in a room full of friends probably won’t happen anytime soon.

Since the internet loves drawing attention to themselves by making fun of others, people didn’t hesitate to make a few Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty” parodies on YouTube. As many may already have guessed, the quality of these clips range from amusing to cringe-worthy. In short: You’re better off just watching the official music video and having a laugh by yourself.

If you haven’t listened to Avril Lavigne’s new tune yet, then you might want to get acquainted with the track before diving into the parodies.

One of the more amusing parodies you’re likely to stumble across was painstakingly crafted by the black metal band Woods of Trees. As their name suggests, the guys headed to a nearby forest to shoot their Avril Lavigne-inspired parody. They even changed up a few lyrics to make the tune a bit more sinister. Have a listen if you’re at all curious.

Warning: By amusing, we don’t mean good. There’s a strong possibility that most folks will turn this off before they get to the end.

Other Lavigne-oriented parodies are admittedly a little strange. Actually, scratch that — they’re downright bizarre. The following parodies don’t feature any music, but they’re odd enough to warrant investigation if you adore deeply deranged stuff. Before we begin, it’s worth noting that the clips contain some strong language. Proceed with caution.

Here’s another admittedly weird clip.

There are also a number of Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty” remixes floating around the internet right now. In fact, there’s probably more in the works at this very moment. After pouring over a few versions on YouTube and Soundcloud, this one is by far one of the most enjoyable. Take note, Avril Lavigne — this remix needs a proper release.

Before you claim these folks are capitalizing on a racist video, Billboard points out that most of the people who feel the Avril Lavigne video is offensive aren’t Japanese.

“Searches in the Japanese Twittersphere and blogsphere show that most of the reactions were favorable. The people who are blaming the artist for racism are non-Japanes… but most Japanese people are not taking it that seriously,” social media expert Nobuyuki Hayashi explained.

Are you a fan of Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty” video? What do you think about all the parodies that have popped up in recent days?